The project STREET CULTURE for 2 years conquered the country!

“Street Culture Festival” gathers in one place all the representatives of street cultures, namely: workout, breakdance, parkour, videos, skating, bmx, scooters, barbers, streetball, DJing and everything related to street cultures. For the first time the festival was held in Kharkov in 2016, on the largest square of the city. Gathers street activists and participants from all over the country. It is one of the largest festivals in Ukraine, which develops street culture in general.

The project became unique and gave a tremendous impetus and faith in a brighter future. Street cultures are a kind of creativity and such over-popular trend youth trends are not part of sports federations or other state or civil organizations. It is surprising and inspiring that Ukrainian youth, captivated by street cultures, rallied and organized at historically the most difficult time for the country. As a result, today there are more than 30 Street Culture projects in 14 regions of Ukraine.

You can follow all the events of Street Culture on the official site